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Hebrew curriculum

Our Hebrew Studies strike a balance between developing Hebrew reading skills and understanding Tefilah (prayer). Although the curriculum is primarily self-paced it also integrates group activities and learning, and also offers parallel online materials which enable students to continue progressing even when they miss a class.  




Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 1  

Pre - Kindergarten through Grade 1 introduces the students to the Hebrew alphabet, the pronunciation of the consonants and vowels and teaches them to recognize the letters when learning the fundamental brachot (blessings). 

Grade 2 - Grade 3 

In Grade 2, students begin to learn the principles of Hebrew decoding, when they look at words and learn pronunciation by syllable. As they progress, they learn to read using text books, word cards, games and videos, along with materials to learn basic prayers. 

Grade 4 - Grade 7 

In Grades 4 - 7, we utilize a wide variety of resources that allow students to progress in the way that works best for them.  Over the years students acquire greater skills in reading Hebrew, build a basic Hebrew vocabulary, learn to chant Hebrew prayers, as well as the structure and meaning of worship services as a whole. In Grade 7, students have an eye toward Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation and many will begin their tutoring in reading Torah and Haftarah.  

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