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CBI's Legacy Society

Congregation B’nai Israel is a Jewish sanctuary on the Central Jersey Shore. We are the spiritual center of the Jewish people in our community.  We are a center of our people for Jewish learning and history and our connection to the State of Israel; we are the spiritual hub for holidays and celebrations.  We are here for each other - to provide solace in mourning, consolation to our community, and to share in our joys and celebrate our simchot.  Look around, there’s nobody in the Red Bank area that’s like us.

We are a multi-generational, egalitarian Conservative synagogue, dedicated to serving the religious, cultural and educational needs of our members.  Since 1922, we have provided a strong mixture of spirituality, education, nurturing and support for all facets of the Jewish community. The dedication of our many second and third generation members attests to our commitment to preserving our values and working within our movement to ensure positive advances as we change with the times to maintain our community and our essence.  We are dedicated to creating a vibrant and diverse Jewish educational experience for our children and ourselves. We instill the values, customs and history of our Jewish heritage, in order to live a life of Mitzvot, and transmit the love of Judaism and pride in our Jewish identity to succeeding generations - L'Dor V'Dor.

Our Legacy donors are individuals, just like you, who believe in and share in the importance of Conservative Judaism’s traditions, values, and the work we complete in our Jewish community and throughout the World.  With your Legacy gift, the future and growth of Congregation B’nai Israel and its support of the greater Red Bank, NJ area will be secured.  Truly, you will be the bedrock on which Congregation B’nai Israel, its values, its dreams and its connections with its families, current, past and future, will be built.

Join with us now to provide that foundation and make a Legacy gift today. 


Sun, December 10 2023 27 Kislev 5784