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Chametz Bill of Sale 2024

The traditional prohibition of Chametz (leavened material) forbids not only consuming Chametz during Passover, but, also owning or deriving any benefit from it. This includes both food products containing any Chametz, but, also any utensils or surfaces used with such food products.
Until modern times, most Jews lived in tiny homes with very little cookware, dining ware, or supplies of food (both because they were poor, but, more importantly because of lack of refrigeration and preservatives). Getting rid of all Chametz (leavened material) and replacing cheap (unglazed) crockery and one’s few (usually wooden) utensils was relatively simple, and because of its poor quality, needed annually.
As kitchen and dining realities changed, disposing of all Chametz and Chametz utensils became financially prohibitive. Rather than simply disregard this essential Mitzvah of Passover, the compromise (still in practice) was to get rid of as much Chametz as possible and then, for the remaining Chametz food products and utensils, to segregate them and place them out of sight, and to arrange for them to be legally sold to a non-Jew (who has no obligation to follow the laws of Passover) for the duration of the holiday (although the Chametz is not physically transferred). The contract of sale specifies the reversion of ownership at the conclusion of Passover. While rarely exercised, technically the non-Jewish purchaser is legally entitled to claim the Chametz while the sale is in effect.
Typically, the Rabbi is authorized to act as one’s agent for arranging for the formal sale of Chametz for the duration of Passover (technically beginning a few hours before the onset of the holiday). Rabbi Sagal is happy to serve as your agent for this purpose, and you may arrange this in person at RJC@CBI or simply sign the form below and send it to him as shown below:
For Rabbi Sagal to perform the sale on your behalf this form must be completed & received by Sunday, 4/21.
I hereby fully empower and authorize Rabbi Doug Sagal to dispose of all Chametz which I may possess – wherever it may be (whether known or unknown to me) for Passover 5784 (2024). 
Rabbi Doug Sagal has the right to sell and conduct all transactions as he deems fit and proper and for such time as he believes necessary, in order that I conform to the requirements of Jewish law and tradition regarding Passover.
(To ensure conformity with Jewish law, this authorization includes any pets and pet food I may possess.)
To all above I affix my signature.
By typing my name above, I understand and agree that this form of electronic signature has the same force and effect as a manual signature.
Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784